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Meetings (by appointment only), at: Adelaide Meridien, 21 Melbourne St, North Adelaide


Wedding FAQ.

The type of ceremony we are after is non-religious, not "frilly" or "fancy". We aren't writing our own vows and we don't want a long ceremony. Is this the kind of wedding you do?

Yes! Unless you'd like it in any other way. However you'd like your wedding, it will be my pleasure to make it that way.

How do we check if you are available for our wedding date?

You can check using the calendar here. If for some reason dates are not clear or you'd like to discuss, Please simply call 1300 668 459

How much you charge for the day and what does that include? How much do you require for a deposit and when would you require full payment by?

You'll find my prices here: But in short, my fee for a Saturday wedding is $599; other days vary. If you pay in full at time of booking, you'll save around 10%. Alternately, you can pay just $100 to lock in the booking; but the balance (ie, of $499 in the case of a Saturday wedding) would be due within 4 weeks after booking.

How long before the ceremony do you normally arrive?

At least 20 minutes; but usually 25.

Will all our guests be able to hear the ceremony? Do you use and supply a PA system?

All your guests will be able to clearly hear everything. A "PA" system is certainly not required, for your voices or for mine. I'm aware that (surprisingly) many celebrants have very feeble voices and they depend on a "PA" system to project their voice adequately. Since my voice is extremely loud and clear, and because my voice "frames" everything you two will say, even if you have soft voices, I assure you that all your guests will hear. If, in the unlikely event that your wedding is planned for the beach, during a gale, and you have 400+ guests, then a PA system might be a consideration. Otherwise I recommend that you don't need one!

What about music that we might like to play for the "walk down the aisle"?

I've usually recommended for most of the hundreds of weddings that I have conducted, that a "ghetto-blaster" (boom-box CD player or similar) will do. And in nearly every event, that has worked out perfectly. If you are very anxious, you could hire a PA for the day, to add power to your sound. They cost around $75-$120 generally…

Would we meet up before our wedding day to run through everything?

Yes, the standard arrangement is to do a full practice just a few days prior to your occasion. Please ring me around 4 weeks prior to set a time for that meeting.

Can you attend a rehearsal "on location" a few days before our day?

In some cases. However you might feel, after our first meeting,that an on-site rehearsal is superfluous, because I make the whole process of getting married so easy! In fact 95%+ of brides who have asked me that question, feel so confident after our first meeting that they decide it really isn't necessary.

Do you have a standard set of vows that you provide? If so are you able to give us a sample?

I provide you with an entire "draft format" of your entire wedding ceremony, along with sample vows and a whole raft of alternative content you might like to consider. From there, it's just a matter of "cut-&-paste" to customize your wedding the way you'd like it. You can even choose to write your own vows if you like! I'll be on-hand at all times after your first meeting, if you need to phone me with any questions.

Do you organize all the official documents for the day?

Yes. Your only concern with official papers is to provide the required ID and marital status documents as indicated in the checklist on the right of this page. Beyond that, I take care of everything!

How soon can I obtain the "Registered" Marriage Certificate*, from Births, Deaths and Marriages after the wedding? *(The certificate required by Immigration or Motor Registration depts.)

Your wedding will typically be registered by the Births Deaths and Marriages office within two weeks after your wedding day. Once your marriage is registered, your application for a copy of the "Registered" certificate will be processed within 5 days. If you need your certificate more urgently, you should call Births, Deaths & Marriages, to discuss, on 131 882.

Got another question? Please phone me on 1300 668 459 to discuss.
Notice of Intended Marriage
Be ready for your first meeting!
Download this form:

"Notice of Intended Marriage"

(Can be filled out within the PDF on your computer; or simply print out and fill in with a biro and bring to first meeting.)

Checklist for first meeting Ideally please bring:
  • blue tick Birth Certificate OR Passport for each partner
  • blue tick Divorce certificate (for any divorced partner)
  • blue tick Death certificate (for any widowed partner)
  • blue tick Driver's License or any other photo ID (if passport not shown)

Don't worry if any of these items are not available in time for first meeting, but I must see them prior to your wedding day (where applicable).

Statutory Declaration
*Can't provide a birth certificate?
Nor a passport?
Download this form:

"Statutory Declaration"

(Please print out this form and have it witnessed by any of the prescribed authorities shown on p2 of the document; then provide it to Chris). You will also need to provide a drivers license or another photo ID.